about insurance

1) Do you take my insurance?

2) Does my insurance cover acupuncture?

3) Do I have to file my own insurance claims?

4) Do I need a referral from my primary care doctor to get a treatment at the Bronx Community Wellness Center?

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about massage

1) What can massage do for me?

2) What should I expect when coming for a massage?

3) Do I need to undress for the massage?

4) How will I feel after the massage?

5) Is there anything I should do after the massage?

6) Is there anything "extra" that follows the massage?

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Frequently Asked Questions

about acupuncture

1) What is acupuncture?

2) What problems can be treated by acupuncture?

3) How does acupuncture work?

4) Is acupuncture safe?

5) Does acupuncture hurt? 

6) How many treatments will I need?

7) Is there anything I need to do before an acupuncture treatment?

8) Is there anything I need to do while receiving acupuncture?

9) What can I expect after treatment?

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