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Naomi Jones, L.M.T.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Naomi always says that the massage profession chose her.   For a period of time she sought the help of a massage therapist.  She shared the techniques of his modalities with friends and family and they raved about how they felt for the whole week.  She did not think much of the response at the time   Naomi was always interested in natural healing and  received her license in 1995 and she decided to practice this healing art on a part time basis.   She has been privileged to work in various settings.

The massage profession has afforded her the opportunity to experience the power of healing touch.  She is able to make a positive impact on someone’s day in a positive way or helped the day go a little better. The modalities that she practices are:   Swedish, deep, trigger point therapy, prenatal massage and hot stone.


Main Focus / Specialties

- Musculoskeletal Disorders
- Pain Management

- Massage Therapy: Swedish, Deep Tissue,  Trigger Point Therapy, Pre-Natal Massage and Hot Stones